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Nicholas Novak

Student and Software Engineer

Hello! I'm currently a student at Occidental College getting my computer science degree

Currently, I'm very interested in distributed and high-perforance computing, which is what I research on my own time. I also write a lot of websites, pick up new programming languages, and write lots of small programs. All multithreaded, of course.

I do a lot of full-stack web development after learning HTML+CSS from a developer at Offset Partners, and after getting into DevOps, microservices, and that open-source ecosystem

After I looked into the systems of some open-source projects, and read research such as Spanner and MapReduce, I very interested in distributed systems and high-performance computing

My current project combines many of these parts, along with many other concepts that I have realized are relevant. Currently, it includes aspects from distributed systems and HPC, but also streaming systems, dataflow, wait-freedom, and many problems from RTOS multithreaded determinism

Other than this, if you want to look at my element collection, I have collected a fair few of them!

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